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You Do You

This show is in development.

Wellness, self care, apathy, activism, control, manipulation, community and revolution.

We are thinking about why some places have revolutions and other places don’t. Don’t worry, we’re just thinking about it. And moving around it. And, sometimes talking it out. But quietly when we do. We’re not going to make any noise. We’re not going to set fire to anything. We’re not going to start a riot.

This is a safe space after all.

You Do You is being made in England and in France.

Collaborators: Josie Dale-Jones, Linzy Na Nakorn, Solène Weinachter,

Rachel Lemon, Frederic Lilje and Caroline Williams

Music By: Hannah Ledwidge

Lighting by: Lucy Adams

With thanks to: Battersea Arts Centre, ArtsDepot, Camden People's Theatre

Photo Credit: Lidia Crisafulli

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