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This show is in development.

We don’t talk about money. Let’s try to.


un/fortunately will be a show about money, so it will probably also be about greed, politics, ethics, fairness, the patriarchy, colonialism, worth, ecology, equality, justice and power. 



Collaborators: Josie Dale-Jones, Isabel Della Porta, Larisa Faber, George Fuller, Lydia Higginson, Gayathiri Kamalakanthan, Stephanie Levi John, Londiwe Ncube, Kaajel Patel, Sophie Steer, Jennifer Taillefer, Paula Varjack, Ragevan Vasan, Eleanor Warr, Jemima Yong

Financial Consultant: Annabelle Williams

With thanks to: Debt Justice & The Money Charity

Developed at Shoreditch Town Hall & Battersea Arts Centre and supported through Strike A Light and University of Gloucestershire’s artist residency programme.

Photo Credit: Jemima Yong

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