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Although ThisEgg has only been a professional company (professional meaning we get paid for what we do) since 2016, a lot happened before that that helped get to here and now. This page is an acknowledgement of that 

(and the people that were a big part of that).

A brief history…

2010: Hills Road Sixth Form College (Lydia and Olivia were around there then too). Nobahar, Hannah, Lotte and I made a comedy sketch show called Punny.


2012: After performing with Babolin Theatre (including Miriam) at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2011, Lotte went to Bristol University to do Drama and Hannah joined the NYT Rep Company before beginning a 3 year acting course at Drama Centre. 

Nobahar, Miriam and I decided to take our own show up to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

I met Izzy at The Craft Ensemble and told her she should join us, so she did.

We made a show called Spaghetti Junction with the help of Night Light Theatre's The (Kindling) Project.

This is the year I met Joe.​


2013: Nobahar moved to London to pursue her singing career (which she is smashing). Miriam left for South Africa and doesn’t come back often enough to make a show. Izzy did an Art Foundation at Cambridge Regional College and I started a Drama BA at the University of East Anglia. I met Gemma, Lucy, Milly , Beej and Greta.

That did mean that we still had summer holidays though, so, Izzy and I thought we would try and make a show for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe just the two of us. We ended up making two - first Everything's Elsewhere, for which Lydia made the costumes, then...


2014: Please Don't Cry (At My Funeral). 

Izzy was offered a place at RADA, it was very hard to turn down. So she didn’t. 


2015: Gemma and I decided to work together for our final piece at UEA. This was the beginning of Goggles. 

After graduating I set up a collaboration between ThisEgg and Gardyloo to make a show called The Dream Sequentialists, which, you guessed it, we brought to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Greta did her thing with her camera. She still does when she isn't in the show herself.

Gemma and I continued to work on Goggles. We asked Lucy to do our Lighting Design. She hasn't stopped accepting to do that for ThisEgg since. 


2016: Goggles went to Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

The show continued to pop up around the UK as and when over the next two years. 

Gemma went to the Oxford School of Drama. Milly did Goggles with me in the meantime!

My mum* and I started joking about making show. (This probably actually started back in 1998 when I was 5)

​2017: Edinburgh Fringe? Yes please. A new family comedy, Me & My Bee, co-produced by Pleasance. This is a three hander - Joe, Greta & I. With Lucy (of course), and Lydia on costumes too. Beej made a trailer. He does this for all shows from now on.

I met Alex, a composer.

Lydia and I decided to make a costume led show together. We thought it would be exciting for the piece to be cross arts. Nobahar came on board as a singer and Olivia as a dancer. Nobahar needed a sound score for her songs so I invited Alex in. Brilliant. R&D for dressed.​ 

The joke became a truth. Me and my mum got in a rehearsal room - R&D for UNCONDITIONAL. 

2018: National Tour of Me & My Bee. We do the show almost 200 times and the bees are still dying.

Development of UNCONDITIONAL & dressed. (I meet Laurence, he is a dramaturg, I don't really know what that is but I like him so he can stay.) -- both shows went to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. We won a Fringe First Award (ah!) & were nominated for the Total Theatre Awards. UNCONDITIONAL toured that Autumn.

Began developing The Family Sex Show with Joe, Greta and the egg, Theatre Royal Bath's Incubator Programme.

2019: Finished the My & My Bee tour, started a tour of dressed. & continued making The Family Sex Show (this includes a research trip to Belgium and a weeks development at the National Theatre Studio's. This is VERY exciting.) Laurence joins the team. I've got a feeling that I am going to meet some new really brilliant people this year. And I have. And will continue to. I am so sure.

2020: began R&D for motherEarth, and then... a pandemic hit and everything stopped.

But we didn't. We began a new project, DISMANTLE.

*my mum is called Stefanie Mueller and is also a person in her own right...

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