The Family Sex Show

This show is in development.


Photo by Lidia Crisafulli

A show for family audiences (children AND adults) about sex, pleasure and love. The show will put the good stuff at the forefront of the conversation & imagine a future where there is no shame. It will be a celebration of difference, equality and self-acceptance.

Read how our showcase performance at the egg, Theatre Royal Bath's Incubator Idea's Festival 2019 went here.


Photo by Lidia Crisafulli


Josie Dale-Jones, Joe Boylan & Greta Mitchell with Mark Fitzgerald, Stephanie Levi-John, John Biddle, Katie Greenall, Petra Massey, Ryan Lane, Amelia Cavallo, Kimberley Harvey, Keziah Joseph, Aaron Gordon, Tiiu Mortley


Producer: Josie Dale-Jones 

Composer: John Biddle

Dramaturg: Laurence Cook

Set & Costume Designer: Camilla Clarke

Lighting Designer: Lucy Adams

We have (and will) be working alongside specialists in sex education including: 


Goedele Liekens 

a TV presenter, clinical psychologist and sexologist. She has been a UNFPA Goodwill Ambassador for more than 15 years. She argues for better access to sexual and reproductive health. 

Find out more about Goedele Liekens here


Outspoken Sex Ed

out to empower parents to empower their children by talking openly about sex-education issues. They focus on:

  • safeguarding and critical thinking

  • improving mental health

  • strengthening the parent-child connection

Find out more about Outspoken here



improving people's physical health and emotional wellbeing, and give them the critical tools to develop or defend a more equal society. They are working towards a comprehensive and inclusive sex and relationships education through workshops for young people which confront taboos and social injustices.

Find out more about Sexplain here

Originally commissioned by the egg, Theatre Royal Bath for the Leverhulme Arts Scholarship.


Supported by National Theatre Studio's.


Developed at Shoreditch Town Hall.


Photo's by Lidia Crisafulli

We've been back in the room recently.


Rehearsing a show about sex in a socially distanced world in photo's...


Photo's by Camilla Greenwell